The Fairfield Baptist church has many ministries designed to revive the hearts of women and to allow them to serve the Lord. Each ministry is committed to developing women who are committed to God’s service. They encourage a sense of community by building healthy God centered relationships and friendships. Each ministry furthers discipleship through the study of God’s word and outreach by organizing and equipping women to share God’s love and message through a variety of activities. The first gathering for this year was our Women's Challenge Breakfast. Followed by Our Women's retreat where we Relaxed, Related and Released in love Charleston, SC.

Under the direction of our First Lady, each woman who joins Fairfield is automatically a member of the Women In Service to God (WINGS) ministry. Using a holistic model that recognizes that women are spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical beings, it is designed to help meet many of our needs. The focus is on the individual woman and how we must take time to address our needs, and develop ourselves to be all that we can be in order to please God and serve mankind.

WINGS is comprised by age groups starting at 4 years to senior citizens. The groups that comprise WINGS are:

Activities are age specific and include such things as personal grooming, tutoring, continuing education, exercise, book reviews, outings, homemaking, career development, charitable works, entertainment, fellowship and fun!