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Mr. Isaac Dodoo
Tutorial R.E.E.T.

Ms. Brittany King
Media and Public Relations

Mr. Keith Benton
Program Coordinator

Committee Members
Mrs. Marla Benton
Mr. Arthur Smith

Deaconess Vera McKenzie

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Program to recognize students who excel academically

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The Micheal Benton Academic Excellence Program (A.E.P.) is a church-wide service designed to recognize the achievements of members who excel in their school studies from Kindergarten through post-secondary education. We are dedicated to “Denying, Defeating and Destroying Division” in our church, community and schools.

The A.E.P. has the awesome responsibility of assisting ALL students whether it is the A.E.P. Recognition Ceremony which takes place the last Sunday in January and June during youth services; awarding scholarships to high school seniors who will be attending college for the upcoming fall; Reaching Educational Excellence through Tutoring (R.E.E.T.) which is held each Wednesday from 7-9pm or test preparation workshops and seminars.



Micheal Benton A.E.P. – Program to recognize students who excelled academically -click me-
Criteria: Students MUST have the equivalent of ALL “A’s” and not more than ONE “B” in each academic subject. Students MUST also have the equivalent of ALL “S” in conduct. Lastly, the A.E.P. Committee has decided to go PAPERLESS in an effort to save money and the environment. Therefore, students MUST submit report cards in one or two ways: Fax to 1-866-885-1739 or email to All report cards must be submitted prior to deadline.

Reward: Students are recognized at the end of each semester during the youth services for which they met the above criteria. Generally, the programs are held 4th Sunday in February for 1st. semester honorees and 4th Sunday in July for 2nd semester honorees. If students meet the criteria for both semesters, they are rewarded additionally with an ALL-Expense paid trip in the summer. TRIP IS FOR STUDENTS ONLY!!!!!!
Classy Grad” Scholarship – Funds to assist with college expenses and tuition -click me -
Criteria: Students who apply for this scholarship MUST meet the following criteria: MUST be a member of the church, or have been an active participant, for six (6) months in a ministry or auxiliary (proof required). Students MUST volunteer 10 hours in the church if he or she is not active in other church ministries or auxiliaries. Students MUST complete application packet with a score of 90% or higher; MUST provide a Letter of Acceptance for first installment and Proof of Enrollment for 2nd Semester for second installment.

Reward:Reward: The student will receive a $500.00 scholarship which will be paid in two installments. The student will receive $250.00 at ceremony on 5th Sunday in June and remaining $250.00 upon Proof of Enrollment for 2nd semester.



Reaching Educational Excellence through Tutoring (R.E.E.T.) -click me-
Held each Wednesday from 7pm - 9pm or test preparation workshops and seminars.
REET homework
Scholarship application PDF icon Word icon
Essay Instructions PDF icon Word icon
Free tutorial offered on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM, contact us at the email address below for more details.